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Renewed life after TAVR

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A new lease on life

Until recently, Allen Brady thought the time he served in Vietnam was the fight of his life. Then he was diagnosed with severe aortic stenosis. No longer able to do all the things he loved, Allen opted for the TAVR procedure. And that changed everything. “It’s like a new lease on life all of a sudden. It’s like 20 years ago.”

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Hope in the heart of Texas

Dr. Jim McCutchon, a retired urologist from Corpus Christi, Texas, learned he needed to have a Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement (TAVR) procedure. After researching benefits and potential risks from TAVR, Dr. McCutchon learned about the SENTINEL™ Cerebral Protection System (CPS) for protection from risk of potential stroke during TAVR.

Like a dream come true

Peter Poulos was relieved to know he wouldn’t need open heart surgery to replace his diseased aortic valve. But he worried about the chance of a stroke during TAVR. When he learned that SENTINEL CPS could greatly minimize the risk, it was like a dream come true. Now he’s back to his old routine – and all of Atlanta benefits from this big-hearted man’s love for life.


TAVR is a less-invasive procedure that replaces the aortic valve without opening your chest to reach the heart. Patients who undergo a TAVR procedure typically have an easier time recovering and experience less discomfort.

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